Junior School

Our aim is to ensure that all the children in our care are happy, confident, enthusiastic, involved and enabled learners. We provide an appropriate and balanced academic challenge that enables students to realise their unique potential in a supportive environment which also challenges them to fully develop themselves as lifelong learners. Junior School students engage in inquiry-based, conceptual learning. This collaborative, skills-based approach to teaching and learning develops the students' ability to transfer, and make links between, knowledge concepts; it also equips them with the skills to enable their own purposeful learning. 

Students have dedicated English, Mathematics, Science, Wellbeing, Computing and Inquiry lessons as well as specialist-teacher provision for: Mandarin, Art, Physical Education, Myanmar Studies and Music. The learning in the specialist subjects follows the same pedagogical approach and links to the current Unit of Inquiry. We offer a stimulating creative curriculum which gives students greater autonomy over time, allowing them to take greater responsibility for their learning.

Sustainability, citizenship and service learning also form a key part of the curriculum. The students develop a global mindset with a local perspective through actively participating in activities and studies which teach them about contemporary issues in the world, as well as their place within different communities.

Regular assessment and at-the-point-of-learning feedback enables accelerated student progression, which ensures all children achieve to the best of their abilities. Students that require additional support to fully access the curriculum receive dedicated, individual provision from a team of supporting teachers.