Ambassador visit

The British Ambassador to Burma, His Excellency Andrew Patrick, visited the site of our Star City campus for a 'hard-hat' tour of the facilities as they near completion. Accompanied by Headmaster Daryl Orchard and Project Director Richard Barnard, The Ambassador was incredibly enthusiastic about the new building and the change Dulwich College Yangon will have on Myanmar.

'I can say without any contradiction that these facilities will be the best facilities of any school in Myanmar.' The Ambassador remarked when addressing media after the tour; 'I am very pleased that we have one of Britain's best schools opening here in Star City, Dulwich College is a very famous school in the United Kingdom but they also have a great reputation for the schools that they operate in the region.'

He went on to comment on the work the DCY team has already begun with the local community; '...I know that Dulwich is heavily committed to working with the community, and to working with local schools, to spread the benefits of Dulwich College well beyond just the pupils who attend the school'