British Science Week at Dulwich College Yangon

This week, we celebrated British Science Week at our Dulwich College Yangon. Events included ‘Science question of the day’, a house science quiz, the science fair and making bath bombs with an undercover science teacher!

Students from Year 6-9 showed us the culmination of three weeks of work on Thursday under the theme of ‘Our Diverse Planet’ at the science fair. Projects were very varied and included studying the diversity of our attention spans, the diversity of genetic material and the diversity of the oceans.

Students also enjoyed making bath bombs with Ms. Woods, who explained to students the science behind making great bath bombs!

Teachers also enjoyed talking science and discussed the genetics behind why some people can’t smell freesias, clasp their hands in a certain way and the difference between taste and flavor using coriander as an example (ask Mr Williams!)

Prize winners (Science question of the day, science fair and quiz winners) will all receive book vouchers.

All prizes will be announced in next week’s assembly - if you would like to have a look at more resources (many of which can be done at home) please go to the following website: