Dulwich College Yangon School Closure and launch of Online Learning

Dulwich College Yangon closes school on 17 March 2020 to safeguard our students, parents, staff, and community. We are pleased to announce the launch of our online learning platforms from Monday 23 March for the benefit of our students.

Below is the message from Head of College and Head of Campus on school closure. 

17 March 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We now have information that the government has requested all schools to close in order to control the spread of the coronavirus. Therefore, we will follow this directive and close all classes at 3.15pm today (17th March), cancelling any CCAs in the afternoon. However, we will still hold our parent information sessions to give information about our online learning platforms. 

We will send out a general letter about the online learning platform, followed by instructions for each of our age phases: Early Years, Junior School and Senior School. These letters will contain detailed information about how work will be sent, marked and returned, as well as how we will communicate with you and the students. The programme will be launched on Monday 23 March.

Any queries should go to the class or subject teacher, but I will also be available throughout the day if you wish to contact me for any reason.

Based on the positive experiences and feedback from our China schools, we are confident that we can continue to support your children’s learning and give you the necessary support at home.

I will keep you regularly up-to-dated with all other relevant information. Unfortunately, it is unclear when schools will re-open, although some information suggest April 30th for Early Years education.

Once again, we have a tremendous school community and we can all work together through this difficult time to give the students a new insight into learning, albeit one that has been forced upon us by outside factors.


Yours faithfully,

Daryl Orchard              Graham Horton                 

Head of College           Head of Campus