Year 5 Personal Inquiry Projects

During the first week back to school, our Year 5 students used the daily Zoom calls to present their Term 2 inquiries to the rest of their class! Embracing their fantastic technological skills, and overcoming WiFi issues, Zoom glitches, frozen video links and time differences, the children took turns to share all the incredible learning they have been doing at home on their Personal Inquiry Projects, which were linked to the Silk Road.

From wonderfully creative and well-researched PowerPoint presentations, to Kahoot quizzes, beautiful art work and board games, to homemade books – and even homemade clay! – the children demonstrated a wealth of deep learning gained through their individual inquiry projects. These included comparing the spread of the Black Death along the Old Silk Road with the coronavirus along the New Silk Road, the role that sports played on the Silk Road, slavery, the importance of trade, the influence of Chinese traditional beliefs on gold jewellery designs, along with silk itself, and the critical role camels played in the expansion and success of the Silk Road. What an incredible first week! We are extremely proud of you, Year 5! Well done!