Eunice Lee photo

Eunice Lee

Mandarin Teacher, Pun Hlaing campus

Eunice, a native Mandarin speaker from Malaysia, is joining Dulwich College Yangon after completing a Master's Degree and a PhD from Peking University, Beijing. A multilingual learner herself, Eunice speaks Mandarin, English and Malay,  in addition to Cantonese, Hakka, and Hokien so she understands the process of second language acquisition. She is passionate about teaching Mandarin, especially to non-native children. She strives to make learning Mandarin fun and exciting whilst applying her knowledge of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics into her practice. Before deciding to further her studies in China, she taught Junior and Senior school students in Malaysia.  Eunice has many hobbies ranging from reading and singing to hiking and exploring nature. Most of all, she loves taking care of animals. Currently, she has two fish tanks, a Pacman frog and a tortoise. Eunice is excited about joining DCY and is eager to share her love for animals with the children through Mandarin lessons.

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