Curricula and Results

We take great pride in our students’ academic achievements. Continuing the long tradition of academic excellence at Dulwich College, all the Dulwich College International schools report academic results that position them as some of the best performing schools locally, regionally, and internationally.

At our international Colleges, our youngest students follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), continuing through the culturally and academically enhanced English National Curriculum and leading to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). Students in our long-established international Colleges follow the IB Diploma Programme in Years 12 and 13* and those in our international High Schools study A-Level syllabuses.

Our Schools Team have chosen curricula that are appropriate to the needs of our students and have been developed by some of the best and brightest educators in the world. The EYFS and National Curriculum of England set clear standards for children’s education and development and are each subject to a detailed statutory framework. They are continually reviewed and improved by educational leaders in the UK, and this gives us the benefit of their broad experience. 

Where we need to enhance the curriculum to meet our children’s educational, artistic and cultural needs, we do so. This may be at an individual level, where for instance, an able child may sit an IGCSE examination a year or two early, or at the group level, where we have developed the STEAM initiative, a vigorous Arts co-curricular programme, and a Mandarin curriculum that addresses the obstacles to teaching this wonderfully challenging language.

*Our newly established Colleges, in Singapore, Yangon and Shanghai Puxi do not yet extend all the way through to Year 13 and do not yet offer the IBDP, although it is our intention that they will do so.