Our students deserve success and it is our responsibility to help them realise it. True happiness and future achievement depend upon being comfortable with oneself and upon standing out from the crowd, not simply blending in with it. Success comes in many forms, but is not achieved without the effort and stamina that come naturally to some but not to others.


From their early years we aim to inspire children’s learning, encouraging them to inquire and challenge so that they can achieve more than they think possible. We develop confident learners who are brave enough to make their own decisions, recognising that ultimately academic achievement is critical for entry into adult life and its realisation is our core offer. Students deserve that we go beyond the expected by creating a stimulating environment that offers rich and varied learning experiences.

Carpe Diem

We are nothing without commitment, but this has to be nurtured. Children should take risks and do things at school that they may never do again in life. They should try everything on offer and learn not to fear failure, but to embrace it as a powerful tool for learning.

Collaborators, Team Players and Leaders

Educators are guides and mentors, not controllers. Students will never know their capabilities unless we give them the freedom to show what they can do. We will encourage them to experiment, to take a lead to engage others, and be prepared to fail. We will create leaders with resilience and foster and understanding of the importance of the team.


We will listen before we speak. We have much to learn from those around us, those who have different value systems and rich and varied cultural backgrounds. Life is about people; systems come second and must fit around those that they serve. We will always remember that parents know their children much better than we ever will. We will listen to them talk about their children many of whom, including the most able, may have individual needs. This is not a stigma.

The Arts

It is through the arts that expression and personality shine, and we champion and value this area of learning. Drama, particularly, is a vital part of the curriculum. It teaches understanding and acceptance of others, the importance of teamwork and a sense of presence. Above all it engenders confidence in handling stressful, personal situations from presentation and performance to the management of conflict and emotion.


Creativity is a precious commodity and we will never stifle it. We will keep the spirit of inquiry native to young children alive, and urge ourselves and others to think about the possible, not the impossible.

Life Changers

Success in the classroom takes us to the next level; what we do outside it defines our lives. The yes! moments that we experience and the characters from our school days imprint on us. We will be good role models, through who we are, what we do and how we treat others.

Our Responsibility

We will always remember that this is our students’ life; it is not just a job. We are there to create opportunities, open doors and build bridges.